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You can help open the way for a new generation of educators to provide positive role models.

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Diversity Educators Scholarships: Through the Diversity Educators Scholarship, you can help open the way for a new generation of educators to provide positive role models while reflecting increased student diversity. Your gift offers fresh opportunities for students of color who dream of becoming teachers, counselors, or administrators.

University Tutors for Seattle Schools: University Tutors for Seattle Schools (UTSS) provides undergraduate and graduate-level tutors to urban Seattle elementary, K–8, middle, and high schools, where they serve in mathematics, language arts, and other classrooms, or provide small-group and individual assistance, at the direction of the school administration and teachers. UTSS currently employs a staff of 65 full- and part-time college-access coaches and tutors providing 850 to 900 hours of assistance per week and approximately 25,000 hours across the school year.

Center for Global Curriculum Studies: The mission of the Center for Global Curriculum Studies is to present a Christian worldview through an academic lens. The Center was founded in 1993 for the purpose of furthering the scholarly efforts of SPU doctoral students and faculty in a globally interconnected world. The Center has reciprocal agreements with universities in Russia, China, Japan, Spain, Germany, and Taiwan, and engages in research, publications, conferences, and exchanges with students and faculty in these countries.

Dean's Opportunity Grants: This fund allows the dean to support various initiatives within the School of Education such as faculty research, faculty development, and curriculum support.

Martinez Fellowship: A program of the Technology Access Foundation, the Martinez Fellowship is changing the culture of education by prioritizing professional growth and sustainability of teachers of color in order to increase the number of teachers of color in Washington state. TAF partners with select colleges and universities across Washington state to bring more graduate students of color into the teaching profession. Your gift to Seattle Pacific's Martinez Fellows Scholarships will help increase access to graduate programs for teachers of color. As Fellows, these teachers will also receive the benefits of a supportive network through the graduate school, early career coaching, and ongoing professional development.




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Giving of $1,000 or more within SPU's fiscal year, July 1 - June 30, qualifies you for the President's Circle, which offers special events and premiums for our close friends. Recent graduates (1 – 10 years out from graduation) may enjoy full membership at a reduced giving level. Visit for more information.

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